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Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations

|SOURCE| The most important set of genetic instructions we all get comes from our DNA, passed down through generations. But the environment we live in can make genetic changes, too. Researchers have now discovered that these kinds of environmental genetic changes can be passed down for a whopping 14 generations in an animal – the largest span ever [...] Read more

Naked mole-rats: The mammals that can survive without oxygen

A study found that naked mole-rats can switch to a metabolic system that doesn't require oxygen. |SOURCE| One of the world's most bizarre and remarkable animals is surprising scientists once again. The naked mole rat is already known to be cold-blooded, resistant to cancer and feeling pain, and can live ten times longer than a mouse. The animal is [...] Read more

World's oldest plant fossil discovered by student pushes evolution of complex life back 400 million years

'I got so excited I had to walk three times around the building before I went to my supervisor to tell him what I had seen,' says Therese Sallstedt. |SOURCE| The world’s oldest fossilised plants have been found in rocks in central India, pushing back the first evolution of complex life on Earth by hundreds of millions of years. It is a finding [...] Read more

The More Neanderthal DNA You Have The Susceptible You Are To Depression & Disease!

|SOURCE| 500,000 years ago, modern humans met and mated with our Neanderthal ancestors in Europe or Asia. The genes that we picked up in these engagements still have an impact on our health and well-being today. A new study in the current issue of Science has revealed that a study of 28,000 Americans shows that these gene variants can raise the [...] Read more

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