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Ancient Giant Penguin Unearthed in New Zealand

The fossilized leg bones of a giant penguin that lived 61 million years ago have been discovered in New Zealand. |SOURCE| The fossil was found by amateur fossil collector Leigh Love in the Waipara Greensand at Waipara River, Canterbury Province, New Zealand. It was analyzed by a team of paleontologists from Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New [...] Read more

Researchers develop 3D images in liquid display with the help of laser-generated bubbles

Researchers from Yoshio Hayasaki of Utsunomiya University, Japan demonstrate their capabilities by developing a completely new type of 3D images. For this they took the help of laser to form tiny bubbles inside a liquid screen. |SOURCE| This discovery allows the user to view images in a columnar display from all the angles that is also without [...] Read more

More Earth-Like Than Moon-Like

|SOURCE| Mars’ mantle may be more complicated than previously thought. In a new study published today in the Nature-affiliated journal Scientific Reports, researchers at LSU document geochemical changes over time in the lava flows of Elysium, a major martian volcanic province. LSU Geology and Geophysics graduate researcher David Susko led the [...] Read more

'World's oldest images made from pixels' discovered in prehistoric French camp

The 38,000-year-old engravings found in the Vézère Valley could be the oldest pictures of any kind in the world, depending on the dating of others. |SOURCE| What could be the oldest images in the world have been discovered in France. And the engravings of mammoths and wild cows known as aurochs were made from individual pixels – essentially the [...] Read more

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