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Inferring morphology and strength of magnetic fields from proton radiographs

Abstract |SOURCE| Proton radiography is an important diagnostic method for laser plasma experiments and is particularly important in the analysis of magnetized plasmas. The theory of radiographic image analysis has heretofore only permitted somewhat limited analysis of the radiographs of such plasmas. We furnish here a theory that remedies this [...] Read more

Weighing massive stars in nearby galaxy reveals excess of heavyweights

Astronomers have revealed an 'astonishing' overabundance of massive stars in a neighboring galaxy. The discovery, made in the gigantic star-forming region 30 Doradus in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy, has 'far-reaching' consequences for our understanding of how stars transformed the pristine Universe into the one we live in today. |SOURCE| An [...] Read more

Declining oxygen in the global ocean and coastal waters

Beneath the waves, oxygen disappears |SOURCE| As plastic waste pollutes the oceans and fish stocks decline, unseen below the surface another problem grows: deoxygenation. Breitburg et al. review the evidence for the downward trajectory of oxygen levels in increasing areas of the open ocean and coastal waters. Rising nutrient loads coupled with [...] Read more

Scientists just discovered how to track the secret movement of elusive unobserved quantum particles

Quantum particles "tag" their environment as they move, which can be tracked without the particles being observed directly. |SOURCE| In a major scientific breakthrough, researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered a way to track the "secret movements" of quantum particles when they are not being observed – a concept which was [...] Read more

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