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New Species of Human, Homo luzonensis, Identified in the Philippines

Thirteen hominin bones found in a cave are so unique that archaeologists have determined they stem from a distinct hominin species, although others question whether the researchers have enough evidence. |SOURCE| In 2007, archaeologist Armand Salvador Mijares found a curious bone buried in Callao Cave in the Philippine island of Luzon. Shortly [...] Read more

The first picture of a black hole opens a new era of astrophysics

The supermassive beast lies in a galaxy called M87 more than 50 million light-years away. |SOURCE| This is what a black hole looks like. A world-spanning network of telescopes called the Event Horizon Telescope zoomed in on the supermassive monster in the galaxy M87 to create this first-ever picture of a black hole. “We have seen what we thought [...] Read more

Stanford researchers create hydrogen fuel from seawater

Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen presents an alternative to fossil fuels, but purified water is a precious resource. A Stanford-led team has now developed a way to harness seawater – Earth’s most abundant source – for chemical energy. |SOURCE| By Erin I. Garcia de Jesus | Stanford researchers have devised a way to generate hydrogen fuel [...] Read more

Scientists grow 'mini-brain on the move' that can contract muscle

Cambridge researchers grew ‘organoid’ that spontaneously connected to spinal cord. |SOURCE| Scientists have grown a miniature brain in a dish with a spinal cord and muscles attached, an advance that promises to accelerate the study of conditions such as motor neurone disease. The lentil-sized grey blob of human brain cells were seen to [...] Read more

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