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Astronomers Shed Light on Formation of Black Holes and Galaxies

Stars forming in galaxies appear to be influenced by the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy, but the mechanism of how that happens has not been clear to astronomers until now. |SOURCE| “Supermassive black holes are captivating,” says lead author Shelley Wright, a University of California San Diego Professor of Physics. [...] Read more

Divergent fates of water on Earth and Mars

Oxford University scientists have proposed a new explanation for the longstanding conundrum: what happened to the water on Mars? |Source| Although today the Martian surface is barren, frozen and inhabitable, evidence points to a once warmer, wetter planet, where water flowed freely. New research published in Nature suggests that this water is [...] Read more

Exploring the phenomenon of superconductivity

Fermions in flatland pair up at very high temperatures: Heidelberg physicists find evidence of an exotic state of matter. |SOURCE| Using ultracold atoms, researchers at Heidelberg University have found an exotic state of matter where the constituent particles pair up when limited to two dimensions. The findings from the field of quantum physics [...] Read more

Scientists Disprove Century-Old Assumption About the Brain's Neurons

|SOURCE| For more than 100 years, physicists have relied on a “neuron computational scheme” that assumed the neurons within our brains are individual excitable elements. In a new paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, a team of physicists provide evidence that the traditional scheme has been wrong—each neuron functions as a collection [...] Read more

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