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Harvard-led team detects gravitational waves, evidence of cosmic inflation

In a landmark discovery about the first moments of the universe, a team led by a Harvard astronomer announced Monday it had found proof of what happened just after the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago: Using a telescope at the South Pole, the scientists detected a distinct pattern in the distant cosmos that reveals there was a hyper-expansion of [...] Read more

NSA used ‘Microsoft Windows’ to infect millions of computers

The documents leaked by Edward Snowden have yielded what may be their most shocking revelation yet: plans to infect millions of computers with malware to prevent them from working properly. This was devised by the NSA in consultation with a shady billionaire, unofficially named as ‘Bill Gates’, who had close links to many different [...] Read more

|Video| Daniel Dennett - 'How To Tell You're An Atheist'

MetaPhone: The Sensitivity of Telephone Metadata

Is telephone metadata sensitive? The debate has taken on new urgency since last summer’s NSA revelations; all three branches of the federal government are now considering curbs on access. Consumer privacy concerns are also salient, as the FCC assesses telecom data sharing practices. President Obama has emphasized that the NSA is “not [...] Read more

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