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Herschel discovers mature galaxies in the young Universe

When galaxies kind, they accumulate mass by gravitationally attracting vast, external gas clouds. As the gas clouds enter the galaxy, they fall into haphazard orbits. These disordered paths lead to turbulence in the host galaxies, which can drive star formation. To investigate the internal conditions of forming galaxies James Rhoads and Sangeeta [...] Read more

Neanderthals Were Caring Parents, Bone Study Shows

Neanderthals, the now-extinct cousins of modern humans, have a reputation of living lives that were brutal, primitive and short. They were apparently superseded by a more sophisticated species that became us. Maybe not. Researchers from the University of York in England, studying burial practices of Neanderthals, particularly the bones of children [...] Read more

Revolutionary 'metamaterial' has potential to reshape neurosurgery

Tobias A. Mattei, MD, of Invision Health/Brain & Spine Center – Buffalo, New York and Azeem A. Rehman, BS, of The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria present a "primer" on the development of graphene-based metamaterials that may lead to new advances in several areas of neurosurgery. Mattei and Rehman write, "As a surgical [...] Read more

Explainer: How do homing pigeons navigate?

Pigeons have extraordinary navigational abilities. Take a pigeon from its loft and let it go someplace it has never been prior to and it will, immediately after circling in the sky for even though, head house. This remarkable capacity extends to areas tens even hundreds of kilometres from its household and is all the a lot more exceptional to [...] Read more

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