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Explainer: How do homing pigeons navigate?

Pigeons have extraordinary navigational abilities. Take a pigeon from its loft and let it go someplace it has never been prior to and it will, immediately after circling in the sky for even though, head house. This remarkable capacity extends to areas tens even hundreds of kilometres from its household and is all the a lot more exceptional to [...] Read more

Italian Prosecutor: Stem Cell Group Is a "Criminal Organization"

After a four-year investigation, a public prosecutor in Turin has delivered a withering indictment about a controversial stem cell therapy provided by the Stamina Foundation in Italy. The report, issued on Wednesday, describes Davide Vannoni, who introduced the treatment in Italy, as the head of a criminal organization that has defrauded around a [...] Read more

Super-Bright Supernova Was Magnified by Cosmic Lens

An incredibly bright supernova spotted in 2010 has been the subject of a stellar mystery until now. A new study shows that the superluminous supernova, called PS1-10afx, was not a new kind of super-radiant stellar explosion, as some scientists thought. Rather, it was the light from a well-studied type of star explosion that just happened to be [...] Read more

Mystery of the ocean ‘quack’ finally solved

It was a bizarre phenomenon that troubled researchers for decades – a mysterious under sea ‘quacking’ heard every winter and spring in the depths of the Southern Ocean. But now experts believe they have finally established the origin of the noise. They say that the distinctive duck-like sound is produced by the undersea chatter of Antarctic minke [...] Read more

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