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A new gene therapy strategy

Scientists turn a natural cellular process into a drug-delivery system. |SOURCE| Scientists have developed a new gene-therapy technique by transforming human cells into mass producers of tiny nano-sized particles full of genetic material that has the potential to reverse disease processes. Though the research was intended as a proof of concept, [...] Read more

Share Chimps create ‘rock music’ by throwing stones at trees

In forests across West Africa, scientists have caught some grown male chimpanzees engaging in a strange behavior. As seen in the video above, they pick up a rock, hoot, throw the stone at a tree, and run away. At popular trees, small piles of rocks build up. |SOURCE| The reason is still a mystery, but a new study reveals a clue: The chimps seem to [...] Read more

Nano-Sized Solution for Efficient and Versatile CRISPR Gene Editing

If used to make non-heritable genetic changes, CRISPR gene-editing technology holds tremendous promise for treating or curing a wide range of devastating disorders, including sickle cell disease, vision loss, and muscular dystrophy. Early efforts to deliver CRISPR-based therapies to affected tissues in a patient’s body typically have involved [...] Read more

Psychosensory Electronic Skin Technology for Future AI and Humanoid Development

- Professor Jae Eun Jang’s team developed electronic skin technology for robots or electronic devices to feel pain through sense of touch - Expected to be applied in humanoid that needs 5 human senses and patients wearing prosthetic hands |SOURCE| DGIST announced on Wednesday, August 21 that Professor Jae Eun Jang’s team in the Department of [...] Read more

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