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Researchers Move Closer to Completely Optical Artificial Neural Network

Researchers have shown that it is possible to train artificial neural networks directly on an optical chip. The significant breakthrough demonstrates that an optical circuit can perform a critical function of an electronics-based artificial neural network and could lead to less expensive, faster and more energy efficient ways to perform complex [...] Read more

New Horizons may have seen a glow at the solar system’s edge

The ultraviolet signal may mark a wall of hydrogen where the sun’s influence wanes. |SOURCE| The New Horizons spacecraft has spotted an ultraviolet glow that seems to emanate from near the edge of the solar system. That glow may come from a long-sought wall of hydrogen that represents where the sun’s influence wanes, the New Horizons team reports [...] Read more

A Siberian Meteorite Revealed a New Mineral We've Never Seen Before on Earth

When gold hunters in Russia collected the yellowish stone in 2016, they thought it might contain a precious metal. It didn't - but what it did contain was far more rare and valuable. |SOURCE| The rock had come from space, and it contained a new, never-before-seen mineral. It has yet to be officially documented, but scientists have named it [...] Read more

Astronomers discover a free-range planet with incredible magnetism

It’s massive, it’s magnetic, and it even produces its own light show. |SOURCE| A bizarre rogue planet without a star is roaming the Milky Way just 20 light-years from the Sun. And according to a recently published study in The Astrophysical Journal, this strange, nomadic world has an incredibly powerful magnetic field that is some 4 million times [...] Read more

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