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9.7 Million-Year-Old Teeth Found in Germany Could Recast Human History

"It's definitely a fantastic, exciting story." |SOURCE| A startling discovery in Germany has caused scientists to question historical records regarding the evolution of man. Researchers from the Natural History Museum in Mainz announced Friday that they excavated 9.7 million-year-old teeth fossils from the Rhine river. What makes this finding so [...] Read more

Dogs really can smell your fear, and then they get scared too

|SOURCE| Dog owners swear that their furry best friend is in tune with their emotions. Now it seems this feeling of interspecies connection is real: dogs can smell your emotional state, and adopt your emotions as their own. Science had already shown that dogs can see and hear the signs of human emotions, says Biagio D’Aniello of the University of [...] Read more

Archaeologists are mystified by ancient “gates” in Saudi lava fields

Google Earth reveals hundreds of geoglyphs in the desert, possibly 9,000 years old. |SOURCE| For almost a century, aerial photographers have been documenting mysterious, millennia-old structures built from low walls of stone in the rocky lava fields, known as harrat, in Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. This desert region, blistered with volcanic [...] Read more

Gravitational Waves Detected from Neutron-Star Crashes: The Discovery Explained

|SOURCE| For the first time, scientists have detected ripples in the fabric of space and time — known as gravitational waves — from a colliding pair of dead stars called neutron stars. This is the first time astronomers have witnessed two neutron stars merging, and these new findings may help solve the decades-old mystery of how many of the [...] Read more

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