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Study provides insight into how nanoparticles interact with biological systems

Findings can help scientists engineer nanoparticles that are ‘benign by design’. |SOURCE| Personal electronic devices -- smartphones, computers, TVs, tablets, screens of all kinds -- are a significant and growing source of the world’s electronic waste. Many of these products use nanomaterials, but little is known about how these modern materials [...] Read more

Bose Einstein condensate may reveal supersolid’s secrets

BEC droplets form crystal that may have supersolid-like properties. |SOURCE| Bose Einstein condensates (BECs) have been around for more than 20 years now. One of the best applications of the BEC, it turns out, is as a tool to explore other quantum things, like solids—yes, the properties of solids are determined by quantum mechanics. Among those [...] Read more

Scientists demonstrate simpler way to turn two-layer graphene system into a superconductor

Researchers in Germany have built on previous work by MIT to create a flat band in graphene. |SOURCE| Scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Fur Materialien Und Energie (HZB) have discovered a new way to enable a two-layer graphene system to conduct electricity like a superconductor. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon, consisting of a sheet of [...] Read more

Astronomers Find Possible Elusive Star Behind Supernova

Hubble archival images were used to uncover doomed star. |SOURCE| The explosive end to a massive star's life is one of the most powerful blasts in the universe. The material expelled by the violent stellar death enriches our galaxy with heavier elements, the building blocks of new stars and even planetary systems. Astronomers have diligently [...] Read more

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