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Gravitational Waves May Provide an Extremely Precise Measurement of the Universe’s Rate of Expansion

Twenty years ago, scientists were shocked to realize that our universe is not only expanding, but that it’s expanding faster over time. |SOURCE| Pinning down the exact rate of expansion, called the Hubble constant after famed astronomer and UChicago alumnus Edwin Hubble, has been surprisingly difficult. Since then scientists have used two methods [...] Read more

Chimpanzees react faster to cooperate than make selfish choices

When it comes to cooperation, there’s no monkey business in how some chimpanzees respond. |SOURCE| These primates often make decisions faster that benefits others than themselves, according to a newly published University of Michigan study. For decades, social scientists and biologists have sought to study primates because they are humans’ closest [...] Read more

Scientists Just Helped Same-Sex Mice Become Parents

It is now possible to engineer healthy mice with two, same-sex parents in the lab. Here's what that means for reproductive science. |SOURCE| It is now possible to engineer healthy mice with two mothers and no father, according to a new study in Cell Stem Cell. Using stem cells and targeted gene editing, researchers also succeeded in creating mice [...] Read more

Humans may have colonized Madagascar later than previously thought

New archaeological evidence from southwest Madagascar reveals that modern humans colonized the island thousands of years later than previously thought, according to a study published October 10, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Atholl Anderson from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, and colleagues. |SOURCE| [...] Read more

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