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Yale researchers ‘teleport’ a quantum gate

Yale University researchers have demonstrated one of the key steps in building the architecture for modular quantum computers: the “teleportation” of a quantum gate between two qubits, on demand. |SOURCE| The key principle behind this new work is quantum teleportation, a unique feature of quantum mechanics that has previously been used to transmit [...] Read more

500,000-Year-Old Artifacts Reveal Modern Human-Like Gripping Capabilities

New research published in the journal PeerJ demonstrates that a technique used to produce ‘Late Acheulean’ handaxes is likely to have needed a modern human-like hand. The study, led by University of Kent archaeologist and paleoanthropologist Alastair Key, is the first to link a stone tool production technique known as ‘platform preparation’ to the [...] Read more

Stars memorize rebirth of our home galaxy

The Milky Way galaxy has died once before and we are now in what is considered its second life. Calculations by Masafumi Noguchi (Tohoku University) have revealed previously unknown details about the Milky Way. These were published in the July 26 edition of Nature. |SOURCE| Stars formed in two different epochs through different mechanisms. There [...] Read more

Shape-shifting material can morph, reverse itself using heat, light

A new material developed by University of Colorado Boulder engineers can transform into complex, pre-programmed shapes via light and temperature stimuli, allowing a literal square peg to morph and fit into a round hole before fully reverting to its original form. |SOURCE| The controllable shape-shifting material, described today in the journal [...] Read more

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