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Reading the story of the developing human heart

How do you mend an injured heart? We don’t yet know – but the answer is likely to lie in how the heart builds itself in the developing embryo one cell at a time. |SOURCE| In a study published today in Cell Stem Cell, Australian researchers report on the most in-depth study to date of exactly how human stem cells can be turned into heart cells. The [...] Read more

Gamma rays illuminate one of the Milky Way’s weirdest objects

In a first, astronomers have discovered how the tiny cousins of massive quasars can generate high-energy light at the tips of their fast-moving jets. |SOURCE| At vast cosmic distances, supermassive black holes called quasars gobble up matter into accretion disks that shine so brightly, they overpower the light from entire galaxies. Closer to home, [...] Read more

The gene code of growing limbs

Scientists from EPFL and the University of Geneva have discovered a “code” of architect genes that are expressed in specific combinations during the development of hands and fingers. The study decrypts developmental gene expression at the level of the single cell in developing limbs and expands our understanding of the genetics behind growing [...] Read more

This Eerie Creature Was Just Officially Confirmed as The World's Earliest Known Animal

It's unlike anything alive today. |SOURCE| The evidence is in. A mysterious creature that lived on Earth over half a billion years ago has now been proven an animal. A fossil from 558 million years ago was so well preserved, it still had fat molecules, conclusively laying to rest the debate about Dickinsonia's identity. Prior to the Cambrian [...] Read more

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