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A Mysterious New Species of Early Human Hiding in from our sight

More Than 20 years Ago archeologists discovered these fossils, Decades of research, analysis reveals interestings things to the world.

|SOURCE| A series of four pre-printed papers suggests that Little Foot could be a species of Australopithecus we have never seen before.

These fossil may be one of the earliest signs of human-like species ever found This discovery will be an important stepping stone in our journey from the trees to the ground.

Australopithecines are existed about two to four million years ago, including the famous fossil “Lucy”, which belongs to the species Australopithecus afarensis.

Little foot is the complete Australopithecus fossil ever found till now it discovered in cradle of Humankind, south Africa.

Ronald Clarke, the paleoanthropologist who first discovered this fossil, has been convinced for over a decade that Little Foot is its own distinct species and not a part of A. africanus after all, as was first proposed.

His Analysis says that This Little foot is belongs to the age of 3.76 million years, Another shocking interesting thing is this fossil is an female fossil of height is 130 centimeters which is slightly shorter than Modern humans

And unlike A. africanus, her face appears to be flatter with larger teeth and a big gap between her upper canines and incisors. This suggests Little Foot was primarily vegetarian, whereas A. africanus was thought to be more omnivorous.

Her limbs offer a few more intriguing clues. For instance, the hip joint on Little Foot was found to be quite different to A. africanus.

But in the papers the team written that Little Foot does not belong to A. africanus, or any other species of Australopithecus.

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